We set out to discover whether it might be possible to make a feminist Measure for Measure.

With ten hours of free rehearsal space, a cast of all women and one intrepid fight director, we pulled on this problem play until it cried for mercy.

Featuring Lorne Batman, Emily Hartford, Katherine Lee, Virginia Lowery, Sevrin Ann Mason, Rocio Mendez, Hannah Rapaport - Stein, Connie Rotunda, Brooke Turner, Sonia Villani, Victoria Williams

Fight Direction by Dan Renkin

Directed by Emily Rainbow Davis

With big thanks to Andy Moysenko, Kim Beard, Anonymous, Donna Shaunesey, Van Svenson, Sevrin Mason, Anonymous, Bill Davis, Agathe David - Weill, Christine M. Brown, Astra Chang Schwertzchkow, G Schaefer, Gustavo Asto, Kara and Chris Burke and Ryan Pater. These folks made it possible to create a fast, furious, feminist bit of Shakespeare.