Burden of Poof

Created and Performed by Courtney Cunningham

Burden of Poof, the award-winning solo, adult clown show from New York’s Courtney Cunningham, stars Poofy du Vey: a bundle of nerves with big dreams and even bigger fears. Poofy’s got a lot to say if she could only remember what that was. As Willa Rohrer of the Philadelphia Weekly put it, “I guess we all have a little bit of Poofy inside of us”.

2007 Production directed by Emily Davis

Winner - Best Show at the London Fringe (Five Stars)

Judges Choice at the Ottawa Fringe Festival

Best Bet at Orlando Fringe

Winnipeg Fringe

Hollywood Fringe

Clown Festival at The Brick, NYC 2014


“This one woman show from New York’s Courtney Cunningham is a delight. This kind of clowning is some of the most creative theatre at the fringe.” – Winnipeg Free Press

“beautiful and very funny. If you’ve never seen a real clown show before, this would be a great place to start.”- Peter Vesuwalla, Uptown Weekly Magazine

“hilarious and addictive… the result is both powerful and pure.” – Liz Withey, Edmonton Journal

“blends elements of clown, physical theatre and neo-classic vaudeville to create a turbulent, sometimes uncomfortable but always comedic environment of refined chaos” – Blake Davis, Duke City Fix

“It takes real art and timing to be a comedic actor. Some of the greats like Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball and Lily Tomlin have paved the way for women in comedies. Enter Courtney Cunningham as Poofy du Vey. With quick wit and timing, Cunningham can easily parlay any line into comedy.” IQ, Albuquerque Weekly

“…has you engrossed from the onset. Courtney’s natural ability to interact with the audience is just one sign of the many talents this actor has mastered.” – Beth Marshall,
Producer of the Orlando Fringe Festival

“… a quality production where the main character leaves her heart on the stage. I can’t stress enough how this show has restored my faith in theatre.” – Robin Duff, Squigfest Producer, Toronto, ON