fig. a: The Heart is a theatrical investigation of the scientific, metaphoric, mythical, and mystical aspects of the heart, as seen through the ages and through its secret chambers. When the play begins, Ruby has just had a heart transplant. Upon waking, she discovers she no longer knows herself. On her quest to find her old heart and the donor of her new heart, she finds herself in Venice, the Egyptian Underworld and visited by a number of Heart-y mythical figures. And Elvis.


Part play, part medical lecture and part philosophy. . .and all intriguing. It also has the most original finale that I've ever seen.

– Bev Sykes, The Davis Enterprise


Workshop production at the Mondavi Center in May 2007
Produced by UC Davis Department of Theatre and Dance

Written and Directed by Emily Davis

Original Music by Susan Alexjander and Peiju Liao

Live Music by Swing Easy (Michael Choy, Christopher Hunt, Nicholas Duffy, Kevin Choy, Ryan Shickman)

Scenic Design by Carrie Mullen

Costume Design by Peiju Liao

Lighting Design by Javan Cayo Johnson

Sound Design by Rick Scholwin

Shadow Puppetry by Art Grueneberger

Shadow Design by Martin Flynn

Prop Design by Kati Voluntine

Choreography by Ashanti Newton

Science Consulting byAstra I. Chang

Stage Management by Jennifer McEwen

Poster & Postcard Design by Forth Position

Performed by

Brittany Barba, Claire Blackstock, Isaac Blackstock, Bradley Castillo, Christopher Jee, Melanie Julian, Lisa Klein, Christy Li, Daniel Reaño-Koven, Jzeela Refah, Jessica Rodriguez, Lauri Smith and Sara Zimmerman

Puppeteers: Shayna Carp and Dustin Murray