“The Lysistrata Rap” was created to be a part of the Lysistrata Project, a worldwide theatrical act of dissent against the war in Iraq. Using simple cardboard and papier maché puppets, our “Lysistrata Rap” re-told the story as recounted in Aristophanes’ play with our own special flavor.

Read the article about it in Voices.

Performed @ the United Nations and Grand Central Stationon March 3rd, 2003.
We were filmed and interviewed by NY1 and CNN. Our first national press!

Written and Directed by  Emily Davis

Puppets by Shannon Harvey

Produced by Agathe David-Weill

Assistant Directed by Alex Davis

Performed by Alice Cutler, Alex Davis, Jenny Deller, Brian Stockton, Steve Moramarco, Bekka Fink, Laura Fontaine and Brooke Volkert