A clown goes to the theatre and ends up on a Hero’s Journey. Featuring puppets, movement and song, Mythellaneous asks what it means to live the myth.

Delightful, uplifting fun! A lunchtime slot in an out-of-the-way venue was never going to be an easy gig: but I left this show feeling happy, energised and chuckling to myself as I recalled all the little moments. I loved this show- physical comedy, clowning, a satirical eye for parodying itself, a really stunning pair of performers. Just when I thought I’d settled in and found a plateau of comedy, something new happened. Costumes transformed with a flick of the wrist, red noses became iconic and the universe of the play got turned on its head more than once. This performance deserved far more attention than it received- I hope they’ll be back next year to delight us some more!
— Sally, UK - 28 Aug 2008

Mythellaneous was performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2008, the 59 E 59 Theatre’s East to Edinburgh Festival and Manhattan Theatre Source

Devised by the Company

2010 Production

directed by Eva Burgess


2008 Production

directed by Bethany Burgess-Smith

w/ Associate Director: Joey Clark



Emily Davis as Clarissa

Jerry Richardson as Mitch Rivers (2008)

 Max Arnaud as Mitch Rivers (2010)


Costume and Puppet Design by Phoebe Berg

Set and Costume consultant (2010): Jess Hooks

Puppet Direction by Jo Jo Hristova

Choreography by Ali Daniels

Postcard – Forth Position Design

Postcard Photo – Christopher Cartmill

Production Photos – Jason Vail