“The Enemy” is a military Punch and Judy show that raises questions about war, murder and consequence. Joe enlists in the army because he wants to kill Nick, his sworn enemy. He comes into conflict with authority figures who applaud his attack on the Enemy but condemn his desire to revenge himself on a single man.  Moral ambiguities arise concerning the difference between killing for one’s country and killing for one’s personal sense of justice. And it’s funny.


Performed @ HERE (as part of Basil Twist’s Puppet Parlor)  on December 17th 2002

Performed @ The Brecht Forum as part of THAW! on March 2nd, 2003

Performed @ BRIC Studios on March 20th, 2003


Written and Directed by Emily Davis.

Featuring hand puppets Designed and Sculpted by Shannon Harvey.

Produced by Agathe David-Weill.

Performed by John Capalbo and Courtney Cunningham.